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The Venlo glasshouse is an adaptable structure and ideally suited to cultivate various vegetable crops, plants and flowers. CBD GLASSHOUSE DESIGN in association with Ian Swinburn designs and constructs custom made glasshouses to meet all of our client’s requirements. The Venlo glasshouse is an adaptable and solid structure with a modular construction that means it can be extended and modified easily.

  • Bay widths: 3.20m bays giving clear spans width of 6.40m / 9.60m /12.80m / 16.00m, and 4.00m bays giving clear span widths of 8.00m / 12.00m / 16.00m.

  • Section lengths: 4.00m / 4.50m / 5.00m.

  • Gutter heights: various heights available up to 10.00m.

  • Foundations: All inner and perimeter concrete posts are Zeus Beton reinforced concrete posts 1.00m long cast into a concrete foundation pad with a nominal height of 300mm out of the ground. Various perimeter walls are available, Zeus Beton pre-cast concrete panels (insulated or un-insulated), 4” solid concrete block walls or a site cast reinforced concrete perimeter wall. The nominal wall height of all our perimeter walls = 300mm high.

  • Glazing / Cladding systems: a wide range of glazing / cladding systems are available including 4mm horticultural float glass, toughened 4mm glass, 4mm defused glass, 4mm white coated glass, 16mm triple wall polycarbonate and insulated composite panels.

  • Gutters: narrow profile aluminium tubular gutters with integral condensation water collection for strength, increased light transmission and low maintenance. Galvanised steel gutters with condensation channel.

  • Ventilation: Various sized ventilators are available dependent on what type of crop is to be grown. 2-pane, 3-pane and even continuous ventilators can be fitted on one or both sides of the ridge operated by electric drive units and rack and pinions. Many control options are available ranging from sophisticated environmental computers that integrate all the other systems within the glasshouse, temperature controllers, or a simple reversing motor starter switch control. Sidewall and gable end ventilation is also available for maximum ventilation.

  • Doors: Various types of doors are available ranging from aluminium insulated single leaf or bi-parting sliding doors, hinged aluminium insulated single or double doors, rapid high speed doors, insulated overhead sectional doors.

All of our Commercial glasshouses are designed and manufactured to the current NEN 3859 standards with BS5502 class 2, part 22 taken into account for the local wind loading.

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